Brian Huntley

Brian Huntley 2018-09-18T17:08:27+00:00

Vulnerability Theme Group Lead

My research spans the fields of ecology, palaeoecology, biogeography and conservation biology, and is often undertaken as part of multi-disciplinary projects. My principal research goals relate to how species and ecosystems interact with their changing environment, including how they may be impacted by anthropogenic climatic change and the implications for biodiversity conservation. I work across a wide range of temporal scales, from monitoring micrometeorological conditions and trace gas fluxes at frequencies of 20 Hz to exploring the responses of species and ecosystems to past environmental changes over glacial–interglacial alternations (105 yr). I also work at a range of spatial scales, from individual plots (ca. 1 m2) to global. A key focus of my work is using what we can learn about ecological responses to past rapid large-magnitude climatic changes to inform our expectations about responses to anthropogenic climatic changes and to develop strategies to minimise any negative consequences of these changes for biodiversity.