Tara Martin

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Adaptation Theme Group Lead

Dr Tara Martin is a Professor of Conservation Decision Science in the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences at the University of British Columbia. Prior to this, she was a Principal Research Scientist with Australia’s National Science Agency, CSIRO where she founded and led the Conservation Decisions Team. Tara is a pioneer in the field of conservation decision making – combining ecological data with decision science to bridge the gap between research and on-ground conservation action and policy. Her current research interests include prioritizing threat management for biodiversity conservation; climate adaptation and mitigation under global change; understanding shifting baselines and informing eco-cultural restoration; and decision-making under uncertainty. Tara was recently awarded The Nature Conservancy Professor in Practice Award, Thomson Reuters Citation & Innovation Award for her work in Climate change decision making and a Wilburforce Conservation Fellowship. She co-leads the Climate Adaptation theme within the IUCN Climate Change Specialist Group. For more information about her research visit www.taramartin.org.