Climate Adaptation

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Climate Adaptation

Climate adaptation seeks to reduce the vulnerability of biological and social systems to the impacts of climate change. Climate adaptation is a way of managing this change. In some cases, it will involve adjustments to management strategies in light of climate shifts. In other cases, it will require complete reassessments and modification of conservation goals along with new strategies to achieve those goals. As humans adapt to climate change, there are opportunities as well as risks for biodiversity conservation.

This theme brings together leading researchers to tackle some of the most pressing questions related to climate adaptation and biodiversity conservation.  For more information on these topics, please contact

Climate adaptation activities

Title Description Leads
Adaptation evidence and guidance Reviewing evidence and guidance to inform adaptation James Pearce-HigginsWendy Foden
Genetic rescue Genetic rescue and climate change adaptability Laura Thompson
Ary Hoffmann
Historical knowledge for adaptation Criteria for using historical knowledge to better inform the conservation management of future biodiversity under climate change Damien Fordham
Innovative adaptation Promoting innovation and creativity in the design of adaptation strategies Bruce Stein
Wendy Foden
Opportunities from human responses Opportunities for biodiversity conservation arising from human climate change adaptation and mitigation Lesley Hughes
Stephen Garnett
Paleo perspectives Using paleoecology to better understand species’ and ecosystems’ resilience and adaptive capacity in climate change Steve Jackson
Brian Huntley
Social Acceptability of Adaptation Measures Guidelines for assessing social impacts of climate change adaptation Shannon Hagerman
Stephen Garnett
Species Conservation Planning Incorporating climate change into Species Conservation Planning Tara Martin
H. Resit Akçakaya